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My First Authorship Experience: "Building Your First Application with Go"

My Story of Go I've started working with Go language far before the first official release of Go 1.0, and this language seemed, I think, beautiful for me from the first steps. While Go language in its current state (version 1.2) still remains quite raw from some points, it is still finished enough to be successfully used in production for different goals. I personally use it for building web services, and the most magnificent is that you basically need only standard library to start doing web application development in Go. My Story with PACKT Publishing About a half years ago I've been contacted by guys from PACKT Publishing , about making a video course about building applications with Google Go. It was a very exciting offer which I've accepted even not thinking much about it. Having some experience teaching other people programming, and writing some tutorials inside my personal blog in Russian, I though I could do the job, even if working language is English