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Nim Native Dialogs Package v.0.1

With this short post I'd like to introduce you my small Nim language package called native_dialogs which is intended to implement framework-agnostic way to call underlying operating system file save/open/etc. dialogues. From my experience it is always quite a pain for cross-platform GUI development to implement file dialogues, and both approaches: native and custom dialogues are used from framework to framework. Anyway, this small lib allows you to use file dialogues with a GUI framework of your choice as simple as withing small command-line applications or automation scripts. You can easily install the package using nimble package manager: $ nimble install native_dialogs The API is pretty simple, and it looks like that code below: import native_dialogs echo callDialogFileOpen ( "Open File" ) echo callDialogFileSave ( "Save File" ) echo callDialogFolderCreate ( "Create New Folder" ) echo callDialogFolderSelect ( "Open Folder&q