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1st Nim Workshop (Kyiv, Ukraine)

My latest article was on the work I currently doing on Nim programming, namely, working on nimongo, and everyday this language takes more and more of my time at work, and outside of work, as it brings a lot of fun and addiction.
Now we heavily employ Nim on one of our company's projects, and more and more sub-projects appear as still non-mature ecosystem does not allow us to just take a stable instrument, and just do the job, and it really has some particular charm in contributing an extremely new technology, taking part in defining ways and niches it's going to take in the world of computer science.

Nim Workshop

And here we are, in barely a month (November, 14-15) we hold the very first workshop on Nim programming language here, in Kyiv, Ukraine. Our office is going to accept all those who's keen on something new in programming, and is always developing ahead of the technology mainstream.

The main goal of the workshop is to popularize Nim among the greater Ukrainian and world tech community, and this first step in building such a community with this offline event is going to be great, because Andreas Rumpf, the creator of Nim, will also be here opening the event, and leading the workshop itself.

It is also a great opportunity for all those who's going to take grips on this brand new technology to get all the info you want to know off the first hands.

This two-days event will also include some talks from the guys who already employ the language, and, of course from Andreas.

So, if you would like to register - follow the link on SplashThat, and register. It's free. And... we're waiting for you no matter what background you have: enthusiasm and interest are the only conditions :).